Tuesday, May 10, 2016

College Grads - Class of 2016 Wins The Prize! You Are Graduating With The Most Student Loan Debt Ever

Welp, just as I said in my book (available now in paperback and Kindle), the class of 2016 has beaten the class of 2015. They have the highest level of student loan debt ever, surpassing previous graduating classes. Based upon the articles I've read, those who are currently receiving their diplomas seem unaware of what will soon follow when they join the ranks of the indentured educated class. But once their payments hit, the reality of Higher Ed Inc, and how it has hurt them and their families - as well as their futures -  will most likely sink in. I feel for them, just as I have with every graduating class that joins our ranks. It's unjust, outrageous, and absurd that we have done this to young people, all as a result of the financialization of debt via Higher Ed Inc. 

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