Thursday, February 11, 2016

The New England Journal of Higher Education: "Still Indentured . . . and Their Parents Too"

I wrote an article in 2010 for The New England Journal of Higher Education about the new indentured educated class. The executive editor asked me to write another one after a woman commented (on the old piece) about parents who borrowed on behalf of their students and can't retire as a result. To read the newest piece and her remarks, click here.


Anonymous said...

Oh the poor Boomers. Let us all cry for them.

After being mocked by these self entitled narcissists, I can't drum up any tiny bit of sympathy for them.

If they had showed any tiny but of empathy in the past 20 years for the rest of us maybe I wouldn't hate their guts the way I do now.

Cryn Johannsen said...

@4:53 Not all Boomers are "self-entitled narcissists." That's like calling every person who's a Millennial the same thing. This issue is to illustrate that the crisis is multi-generational.

Anonymous said...

Funny how I didn't hear any of these Boomers speaking up when I heard and read all the Millennial bashing these last several years.

A little bit of empathy would have gone a long way. But now I don't care. It's obvious the older generations don't have sympathy for the newer ones, and as such I don't have sympathy for them either.

I think it's sad that most of the younger generations still can't figure that out and are busy just accepting the criticism and then defending their detractors. Nobody cares about us, and I for one don't care about them either.