Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kill the for-profits!

Kill them! Kill them now! This situation makes all of them targets for fraudulent, shady, and illegal behavior.

Next up? How "non-profits" do their dirty business of ripping off students by being subsidized by the federal government.

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Anonymous said...

It is time that the word get spread that "not-for-profit" means only that profits are not taxed, and the use of such profits is very slightly limited by law.

Pay your President $6MM per year and give him a house and vehicle allowance? All fine. Use your untaxed profits to purchase and run peripheral for-profit schemes in housing, parking, real estate investment? All fine. Invest the profits in the stock market? Of course. Use the profit to run a private lending operation? Yup.

Raise tuition to cover the obscene salaries of your upper crust? Why not?!