Sunday, December 1, 2013

For You Enjoyment, While I Write

So, I am working feverishly on wrapping up my book project, and that is one of the reasons I haven't been writing here as frequently. Rest assured, the work continues, but it is a bit more behind the scenes that this juncture.

As for tidbits about the student lending crisis, many of you probably know that the Department - despite countless complaints against the behemoth lender - has plans to renew their contract with Sallie Mae. Big frickin' surprise, right? Sallie Mae not only is responsible for overseeing loans, but they also have an arm that collects them when payments are either delinquent or in default status. And, uh, yeah, that isn't a conflict of interest or anything. We should all congratulate this administration and Arne Duncan for their decision to renew the Department's contract with Sallie Mae. Great job!


Anonymous said...

This is heartbreaking, but not surprising. After seeing concrete proof that Sallie Mae is unfairly and unethically hurting people who are already struggling to put food on the table, I like to think that if I were in a position to accept or decline bribe money from Sallie Mae, I'd decline for the good of the people. How sad that our leaders are so selfish.

I was recently notified that Sallie Mae has taken over as the servicer of my federal loans. I sure wish I had a say in this. It is so unfair that we are bound in shackles by these contracts, but our "masters" have free reign to do whatever they want to us... with the blessing of the very government who is supposed to be FOR THE PEOPLE.

It would be so nice to hear some good news one of these days.

As my 40-year-old husband said today, "I went to college so that I could one day own a house and provide for a family. Ironically, it is BECAUSE I went to college that I will never be able to own a home or have children."

What a waste of life.

Cryn Johannsen said...

I look forward to the day when I have good news to share as well.

This is a sorry state of affairs for millions and millions of Americans.

Anonymous said...

Law Professor Paul Campos has posted again after a lapse of almost a year.

I figured I would alert you since AEM was the very first commenter ever on the Paul Campos ILSS blog.

Happy Holidays anyway from a hopeless debtor and you seem to be doing ok.

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Mark Hesaa said...

Dear Cryn,

You are an inspiration.
I'm looking forward to reading your book and do keep up the good work.

If there is good news at all it's that more people are being drawn into this fight at the grassroots level. There are more committed activists doing work around the student loan crisis than ever before and that is something that will only increase as the crisis deepens and worsens.

I recently started a blog of my own called HESAA HELL ( in which I will attempt to network around the $1 billion behemoth lender that is New Jersey's number one student rip off machine. If you should happen to run into any NJCLASS or HESAA borrowers they can email me, Mark at

I am not religious but I take some solace in the title to that old spiritual - "The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn."

Thanks for all you do,

Mark Hesaa

Cryn Johannsen said...

Mark - thanks so much for your note. I am really glad you reached out and that you have started your own blog. As I have said many times, the more the merrier. I'll add you to my blog roll.


Kamran said...

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