Saturday, August 17, 2013

Must Share Jewel:

I have NO idea why I don't have Tressie's blog listed on my blog list - we've had an amicable relationship via Twitter for a few years now (if memory serve me). In any event, she does excellent on covering, as well as analyzing, the for-profit industry as well as other topics relating to higher education. She also does a superb job of weaving in other issues like race, feminism, and so forth. So, check out her work here

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Cryn!

While I do believe that the for-profit "education" industry was developed by satan himself (haha), I also feel like so many public universities are copying their model and are just as guilty of destroying the lives of young people.

I have visited a few public schools (for example, university of Indiana, northern Arizona university) and I am constantly reviewing e mails from these schools soliciting me for their graduate programs. Since when do schools fish for graduate students? It used to be that graduate hopefuls submitted their applications with their fingers crossed, hoping to be a "chosen one." To me, this e mail business is akin to the harassing phone calls from the used car salesmen over at the university of Phoenix.

I attended 4 public universities and my debt is so astronomical (thanks to compounding interest) that I will never have it repaid in my lifetime. I went to school for a job that no longer exists and I'm too broke to go back and train for something else that may also become obsolete.

The whole system is broken and those who caused this mess need to be held accountable.