Sunday, March 3, 2013

Book Sold On Behalf of the Indentured Educated Class . . .

I am so pleased to announce that I just sold my book about the student loan debt crisis to Seven Stories Press. This is a great opportunity to widen the reach of our message, and it is a privilege to be working with such an amazing publishing house. The book's title is Higher Ed, Greater Debt: The Student Loan Crisis, and I am honored that Barbara Ehrenreich will be writing the Foreword (she also played a pivotal role in supporting my work through the Economic Hardship and Reporting Project, which funded my article, "The Ones We Lost." Author Gary Rivlin, along with Barbara, were editors for that piece). I will be finishing the book this year, working with my editor Crystal Yakacki, with plans for it to be published in 2014.

I want to publicly thank my literary agent, Diana Finch, who believes strongly in our cause. While books have one person's name on the cover, they are part of collective consciousness. Diana has played a crucial role in the development of this story, as have a number of others.  I could not write this book without them.

Thanks to those of you who continue to support All Education Matters!

Seven Stories Press


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Cryn. Thank you for all you do.

Outside The Law School Scam said...

I'm proud of you Cryn. That was a project you had been working on for a long time, and it's great that it's been finally picked up and will make it into printed form. I can't wait to read it.

Hilary Chase said...

Way to go Cryn, I can't wait to buy the book. I see a NY times best seller list in your future. Keep us updated. Take care, Hil.

Anonymous said...

Well-played, well-played, my dear. You saw an opportunity and managed to exploit it to your benefit. You create a blog, give people hope, they pour their heartt out to you, and then you take THEIR stories/comments/secrets and write a book. Wouldn't surprise me if you really didn't care about student loan debt at all and just wanted to make a name for yourself. What do we REALLY know about you, anyway? People can say anything on the Internet - and it goes both ways. How do you know the "debtors" that wrote to you with their deep, dark confessions weren't just PLAYING you? Aside from that PainterGuy, who did you really talk to in person to find out if their circumstances were really as dire as stated?

Anonymous said...

Ooh, with student loan debt being more than credit card debt and over $1 trillion dollars, I can see no stretch of imagination in stories of horror, depression and the desperation leading to suicides. Realistically, I would say that if anything, the stories and realities are as under-reported as is rape, given the pride and shame factors. Further if it wasn't for you you Cryn, much of the world would have no idea that the lenders have been so murderously over-reaching. Not unlike the prosecutorial vendetta against Aaron Swartz. Big debt, no jobs, no way out and consequently, no life as we imagine it. What's not to understand about debt "until death do we part", accept that they chase you and your family long after the shuffling off of the mortal coil. Thank you for at least scratching the surface near the root of the tree of evil. Rock on, love! (tc)

Jeremysa said...

Wow at the cynical anonymous at 10:03 a.m. Seriously dude, there are a lot better scams for Cryn to pull than wallowing in the student loan crisis to eventually --YEARS LATER--write a book.

Hell, she could have written Twilight fanfiction (50 shades of grey) and made a hundred million by now.

Anonymous said...


As you know, I am being stalked around the Internet by an extremely committed Anon and pretty sadistic person.

He is highly intelligent, and seems young, and also bent on some purpose or goal or agenda.

I have repeatedly asked him for his name, and he refuses to give it.

He calls me a roach and ridicules and derides me because of my student loan debt, and because I live with my parents house, and does this over and over and over and over.

He falsely claims that I do not work at all, or that I am unwilling to seek government employment, which he claims would solve all of my debt problems with federal student loans and absolutely discharge my 340K of SL debt in 10 short years.

Last night he said I was more or less sucking blood out of my parent's necks.

Everybody knows that I am not Anon and so does he. And he will continue to throw some pretty cruel commentary my way.

And I wouldn't be surprised if the 10:03 AM commenter is the same person that I have described above.

I have no idea who he is or what his agenda is.

All I want to do is find out who he is. As I say, I have asked many, many times for his name and situation, and with no results.

Anyway, good luck with the book, and if I can help in any way as we discussed let me know.

And to everyone else that is suffering from the shame and degradation of the whole situation, please take very careful care of your mental health.

We are living in extraordinary historical and bankrupt times and with no way out it seems.

John Koch
AKA Painterguy

Anonymous said...

33Dear John,

I am very sorry to hear that you are being stalked by some imbecile who has nothing better to do with his time than to take a very serious, debilitating problem and make those who suffer feel even worse about their station. I am being not necessarily stalked, but harassed by a similar character.

Even if I didn't agree with someone's political movement, I would never want to live in a country where the citizenry did not have the right to raise awareness to their oppression. Think about it. Where would we be without the Civil Rights Movement? Unfortunately, we're facing another civil rights issue now with student debt. If the only way out is death, then it's indentured servitude, plain and simple.

Keep making your voices heard, my friends. And once again, thank you for leading us in this effort, Cryn.

Hilary Chase said...


The only thing I can think of is that you do not have any student debt (of course I could be wrong). Many others do and need major help. Cryn is a pioneer and revolutionary. She gets flack from everyone , but she perseveres. When her book comes out in 2014, please read it cover to cover. I think you will find it enlightening. Cryn is my hero. She puts herself out there and doesn't care what people think. She simply knows that it is her mission to help people with student loans.

Anonymous said...

Cryn has done so much for student debtors. I truly believe she needs to focus on getting the book published. It is difficult to focus on the book when you have bills to pay. By the way , this is not coming from Cryn. This is just my thoughts. If everyone could donate whatever they could, even one dollar. I believe it would help Cryn focus on the book and possibly finish it sooner. If you can donate, even a dollar or whatever you can do, it would be very helpful. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

In response to the last comment, I have a question.

I wanted to donate to Cryn's cause but noticed that the only options are weekly or monthly donations. Being a poor starving debtor, I cannot be sure that I can make regular donations and was hoping to be able to send money periodically when I can. Is there an option to send one-time donations? If not, I cannot send anything because I cannot guarantee that something will be in my account - and I'm not going to put myself in a situation where I'm overdrawing money.


Anonymous said...

^^Maybe by Paypal?

Cryn: Do you take Paypal?

Cryn Johannsen said...

@Anonymous March 5 - hi there, I have people who donate once regularly. If you have problems, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email (

Thanks to all of you for your continued support!

Founder & Exec. Dir.
All Education Matters

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the book! I will be ordering one, maybe several copies. I can't thank you enough for all you do. You give many people hope!!!

Cryn Johannsen said...

@Anon Mar. 22 - thanks so much. I appreciate your enthusiasm!


Felicity Miles said...

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