Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Is The Year of Possibilities and Hope!

Hello Indentured Educated Citizens! I know that many of you are struggling and that things have gotten worse in terms of your financial and emotional situations. You know that Iam very sorry about this and it hurts me to receive painful notes filled with despair from all of you. That said, please, please feel free to continue writing to me and posting comments here. We must focus on tending to one another, and it is my job to do exactly that. Even though some of your notes upset me, and even make me cry (yes! I do cry, because I care deeply about people), I am always glad - more than glad - to hear from you.

I want to publicly apologize for not being as engaged with my political activism lately. I have had a health scare these past few weeks. I even fainted in the Emergency Room last week! But, heck, if you are going to faint, that is the place to do it. But don't worry! I am on the mend, and terribly excited about 2013. I know this: 2013 is the year of possibilities and hope!

Once I am fully mended, I am going to be launching a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, because All Education Matters needs to be nurtured and grow! (Just like what I've been doing for myself lately, and it's great).

So, again, don't worry about my health. I am feeling stronger every day, and am very excited to continue my work as an advocate for the indentured educated class.

On another note, many of you have been talking about fleeing the country for jobs elsewhere. I want to offer some help on that, because this is something I also write about. So, I am at your service for that, too.

Stay tuned, friends.


Anonymous said...

Get feeling better, Cryn. I am sorry to hear about your health scare but am glad that all is well.

Thank you for all you do for us. The tax hike that has already taken place sure has placed an extra strain on our finances as if things weren't already bad enough. Can I just say that I'm sooo tired of worrying about money any day? When can we all start living like human beings again? The stress is destroying me. I turn 30 this year - I'd really like to be able to buy a car or own a house before I'm 40 but it isn't looking good.

Here's to hope for the new year... hope that our politicians will start tending to the real, urgent matters of this country rather than occupying themselves with trivial issues that should be coming secondary to this financial crisis we're all facing.

Rhonda K. Donaldson said...

I second Anonymous. Here's to the new year and hope! Feel better! Rhonda

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best of health. And while this is my 1st time dropping a note, I'd like to commend the work you're doing. As you know, there are a lot of folks drowning from this issue. To know that there are people trying to advocate for relief, guidance, and empowerment from under the dark pit of student loans is notable.

There's nothing like a little hope to shine on the darkest of days. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cryn,

I am hoping you have some kind of good news for us?? I have been following the websites and Facebook pages of several grassroots groups who are advocating for student debt relief/reformation. Everything seems to have completely halted since 2013 began. I am hoping and praying that this issue has not gone cold. I am drowning here. I'm more than drowning - I'm financially and emotionally dead. I need hope. Please tell me something is going to be done about this?? :(

Anonymous said...


Hang in there, you're not alone. The scamblogs and such have all but died off, I think most got some decent job. Probably these monied interests tracked them down and just employed them to get them to be silent.

I miss Tom the Temp, joblessJD and a few others. JDU just is not the same. Only Nando seems to still be around. Hopefully the next wave carry on the torch, but honestly, anybody still going to law school now and especially not in a T14 or with a full scholarship is a total fool. People entering in 2010 or later had ample warning.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is OK Cryn, and frankly I'm worried.