Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romney Debates Himself

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Keep this video in mind when you consider what Mitt Romney says about student loans, and don't forget that he told potential borrowers to "shop around" for a cheaper school. Uh, sorry, but that's not a solution. He has no solutions for the student lending crisis, and that was clear when he answered that first question in the 2nd debate a few nights ago. If the Romney-Ryan ticket wins, the Department of Education will be filled with folks who are not going to be looking out for the interests of students. On the contrary, they will push agendas that will benefit for-profits and the lenders, and these plans will hurt the poor, the working class, and the middle class (does that latter class even exist anymore?). It's also important to remember that his running mate, Paul Ryan, wanted to axe the Pell Program. I should note, however, that there are problems with the way in which Pell Grants are funneled into the for-profits, but that's another debate.

So, a Romney-Ryan victory wouldn't be good news for prospective borrowers, and it would definitely be bad news for the indentured educated class.

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Nando said...

From the title, I figured that you meant he was debating himself when he faced off with Obama.

Romney + Obama = Obamney