Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Undergraduates, graduate students, law school students, medical students, and nursing students . . . Seeking no more than 5 sentences for each of the following questions below. Email me:

Please indicate if you wish to remain anonymous or if I may use your name in the article. 

Thank you!

1) Who are you going to vote for Pres. Obama or Mitt Romney, and why? 
2) Does your student loan debt have a bearing on your choice?  
3) Anything else you wish to share about your voting decision?
4) Are you in school or out of school?
5) What was/is your area of study?


Anonymous said...

Dear Cryn,

Not long ago, you asked us to submit our suggestions for remedying the student loan crisis. I stumbled upon this article last night:

Every year, the Department of Education is paying LITERALLY BILLIONS of dollars per year to collection agencies to hunt down and harass poor people (educated serfs). Notice how debt collectors receive money just for *finding* debtors and "qualifying" them - this is before they even collect a dime! Here's an idea: rather than wasting the tax payers' dollars making collection agencies rich, how about using that same money to write off billions of dollars of debt every year until every student is relieved?

There are SO many places the government could make reasonable concessions to help students. Politicians just don't want it happening on their watch.

Anonymous said...

1) Gary Johnson, Libertarian party. Seventeen years in and out of undergraduate schools have radicalized me to an anarcho-communist political philosophy. I don't believe any human has the wisdom and knowledge necessary to ethically hold most hierarchical power positions, but still believe in "to each..." and "from each...". The Libertarian party is closest to this philosophy of most parties; I agree with or can stomach most of Johnson's platform.

2) Only indirectly.

3) No.

4) Officially finished the B.S. 8/2012. I will not go back except to agitate and lobby for counter-reformation.

5) Below.

Here's my name,

Robert Evans

B.S. Biology, IUPUI, 8/2012
A.S. Biotechnology, Ivy Tech, 8/2008
34 years old
GRE: 660V, 800Q, 4.5AW - 7/2010
ACT: 29E, 29M, 34SR, 35R - 12/95
SAT: 640V, 690M, 67%-ile TSWE - 6/93