Thursday, July 26, 2012

NPR Interview - The Story: "Suicide and Student Debt"


Guest Host Sean Cole spoke to John Koch and me, as the founder & executive director of All Education Matters, about suicide, student loan debt, and the student lending crisis.

Listen to the podcast here.

Guest Host Sean Cole


Anonymous said...

Thank you to John and Cryn for sharing their stories. I understand that the media needs to play the "devil's advocate" in order to tell the full story... but... ugh... this host seems to be stuck in the "personal responsibility" hamster wheel. :( I guess all 36 million of us are just plain stupid for not knowing that consumer protections were/would be removed, the economy would crash, and our high school counselors, teachers, the government, financial aid officers and professors were all lying to us when they told us that this was "safe" debt.

John, if you're reading this, don't feel bad for two seconds that you took out this debt when you were "older than 18." From what I understand, people are capable of being scammed and preyed upon at any age.

Anonymous said...

I think the host, Sean Cole did an excellent job. The questions he asked were questions that must be asked,and I did my best to answer them.

To not ask those questions would have made the show seem too one sided in favor of the debtor.

I simply said that assuming for the sale of argument, and in a worst case scenario, that if I am 99% to blame, I am not 100% to blame, and as one commenter said, there has to be institutional responsibility.

To date, there really has not been much institutional responsibility.

Some might argue that the institutions are 50,75, 90, 99 percent to blame.

In addition, Sean Cole and the producers did not have to mention the scamblogs, or Albert Lord and Sallie Mae, but hey did.

Anonymous said...

Also, I would like to remind everyone that a mere 2 years ago, the entire media in general would rarely discuss the topic of student loan debt.

The very fact the show came off and was aired is hopefully a sign of change to come.

But progress is slow.