Monday, June 18, 2012

Student Loan Debt Refugees - Fleeing The Country Because Of Student Loans?

If you are a recent graduate who is seriously planning to flee the country because of your student loan debt, I would like to interview you for a story. In addition, if you have already fled the country for this reason, I would also like to speak with you.

All interviews will be confidential and you can remain anonymous, unless you say otherwise.

Send me an email - ccrynjohannsen [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

This article will be placed on a high traffic site, because your experiences are critical in shining light on the student lending crisis.


Anonymous said...

This is a good idea. I am sure that people (like me) have lots of questions about fleeing the country because of student loans. I look forward to reading your article.

Anonymous said...

make it a how to ... make sure you work with a lawyer and add the list of countries that will not enforce an American judgment

Anonymous said...

Yes it looks like the only options are living with IBR and facing a big tax bill at the end of IBR, or simply leaving the USA and seeking citizenship in another country.

Bankruptcy is never going to happen.

What many people don;t understand is that massive debt, even when on IBR, can be a cause of great anxiety and depression.

Anonymous said...

And then there's private loan holders. No IBR option for us. I actually believe that bankruptcy or something else will happen. It may not be exactly what we want, but something has to happen. It's too exposed now, and people like Cryn are helping to make that possible for us. Even China is calling our student lending system "inhumane." If I can find the article I read about that, I'll come back and post it.

Cryn Johannsen said...

@Anonymous June 19 11:23 PM -

I have heard the Chinese discussing this. They don't really have a leg to stand on, but that's beside the point. The system is punishing and inhumane.

Lanette said...

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