Monday, June 11, 2012

Cryn Johannsen on student debt & suicide: "It's an unnecessary problem."

Rose Aguilar (@roseaguilar), who is a journalist and radio host of "Host of Your Call" on KALW 91.7 FM in San Francisco, interviewed me recently in the city. Rose also had me on her radio show in May, and we discussed the issue of suicidal student debtors.

When Rose and I met in San Francisco a few weeks ago, we discussed the problem again.

Check it out here:


Anonymous said...


I don't expect you to post this comment but I'd like to thank you for what you're doing for us student debtors. It takes guts to do what you're doing. You're a true hero. Thank you for having a heart. Your blog always brings hope to my day.

Anonymous said...

A true sign of the times:

If anybody out there has any doubts about how little the 1 percent of America cares about their fellow countrymen, and the poor and indebted in America, they ought to have a look at this absolutely horrible and inhumane American Television show:

Dear God help us

Anonymous said...

Agree with the first commentor, you are a truly inspiring individual.

I bookmarked this blog a while back but need to follow it more regularly, for no other reason then to remind myself there are people left in the world such as Cryn Johanssen who actually care about the plight of others.

I dodged the student loan bullet many years ago through sheer dumb luck but looking back, could easily have been caught as badly as those for whom you advocate. I worry about these young people all the time, especially those who are unemployed and severely underemployed. They are always in my prayers and as well as my thoughts. I try to discuss this issue with people of various ages and backgrounds but their eyes glaze over, they do not wish to know since it does not effect them directly. I think about the cruelty these young folks must face on a daily basis from arrogant people who blame them for their plight, and as a result the discouragement and despair which they must carry in addition to the actual debt. My heart aches.

May you be blessed, protected, and strengthened in this fight you have taken on. You present these issues in such a calm, rational, and unemotional manner but with great moral clarity, and this is exactly the right way to raise awareness.

My only suggestion (and you may know this already)- do not let this become a partisan issue. Remain above the vicious left-right fray that has poisoned American political discourse, only highlighting political sides when the issue is being addressed effectively by particiular politicians.

Should my own circumstances change for the better, I would be proud to be able to join you in this fight.

Anonymous said...

Nice work!