Tuesday, May 8, 2012

HLN Interview Today

Tune in to  HLN today at 3:15 est / 12:15 pst to hear me  discuss the Student Loan interest rate hike act 2012.


Nando said...

Cryn on the warpath!

Anonymous said...

First, let me start by saying that you are very passionate about your job -- which is fantastic. Students and education do indeed need a voice, and someone to stand up for them.

However, it's really not fair to make inaccurate statements on a nationwide news program which is broadcast to millions of viewers nationwide.

1) You stated that the United States is spending less and less on higher education over the last 30 years. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, Federal Government spending on higher education tripled (from $64 Bil to $170 Bil) between 2000 and 2010. Most of the increased spending on higher education and huge allocations towards Pell Grants occurred under George Bush's presidency -- and has since decreased under Obama.

2) You inferred that the GOP is acting against the interest of America by attempting to reduce the deficit in any meaningful way. First of all, money doesn't grow on trees. Second, spending more money on a broken system won't fix the underlying problem. It's easy to say "yeah, close some corporate tax loopholes and boom, problem solved." However, in the real world, taking money away from employers will only stifle wages to employees, and/or take away from the recruitment and hiring of new employees. Great, our students will finally be educated and ready to face the real world -- a real world of unemployment because no one is hiring.

The problem is not that the United States spends too little on education -- the problem is that federal government involvement in the educational system has doomed it's future from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

If the federal government isn't spending less on education, then why does tuition rise every semester? I have always been told that funding for the universities mostly comes from state governments. It is the states that have cut back the most, so I have been told.

Anonymous, I do respect your comment. If you are correct, then the schools have a lot of explaining to do. If we really aren't cutting back on education funding (which I believe we are), where's all the money going? And why does my tuition continue to rise?

BTW, go Cryn!