Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Loop21: The Law School Industrial Complex: Too Many Students, Not Enough Jobs

Here is a snippet from my latest piece about the scambloggers and the law school industrial complex at Loop 21:

An online movement spearheaded by "scambloggers" calls out unfair practices by law schools

Once ignored and harshly criticized by some respondents as only representing a handful of unhappy, unemployed law graduates, an online blogging movement, known as the “scambloggers,” can no longer be written off by the law school institutions law schools and law professors that the group seeks to condemn. The name itself was ascribed to the group several years ago. Although the bloggers themselves didn’t choose the name, they embraced it. They still draw a lot of criticism, but they also have a lot of support. Moreover, more bloggers, some who are not part of the legal community, are joining them in their efforts to expose the high levels of debt that individuals accrue to obtain professional degrees.
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