Friday, March 16, 2012

Are you between the ages of 24 - 34, living at home, and unhappy because of that?

HELP OUT A REPORTER: I am writing an article about people who are between the ages of 24 - 34, living at home, and unhappy as a result.

A recent study came out that "finds" that these folks were, in fact,  not unhappy about living at home. Having interviewed hundreds and hundreds of individuals myself - and I bet it's closer to thousands of people - I have found the exact opposite. People have told me that they are frustrated, ashamed, and angry that they are living at home and not on their own. They have loads of student loan debt. Many of them are unemployed or underemployed. They can't buy homes, cars, start families. So, I am leery of these findings.

Whenever this is referenced in pop cultures, i.e., people living with their parents, they are generally portrayed as being "losers," "slackers," or "do-nothings." On that note Bridesmaids treats the issue with sensitivity, something that might become increasingly more common. After all, advertisers don't want to turn off a coveted demographic, or do they?

If you are willing to be interviewed, please send me an email ASAP. I can be reached at ccrynjohannsen [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

Check out this rather insulting image of someone from the "Boomerang Generation."


Nando said...

We are aware that many Boomers are oblivious to the current job market. In that vein, I detest how they often refer to debt-strapped college grads who move back in with their parents as "boomerangs."

I know this boils down to semantics, but it gets under my skin - as it sounds too similar to Boomers. Good luck, and sadly I suspect that you will have little trouble finding such interviewees. At least, you will treat them with respect.

Liz said...

That image is so the opposite of my feelings and emotional stability. I've been crying myself to sleep every'd be nice to sleep with a smile on my face like that man. My parents have finally stopped treating me like a slacker, and they've finally stopped acting like I am not trying to find a job. They've finally started treating me(just slightly mind you) like I want to work,but there is nobody willing to even stick a finger out to help me in the "working world". I hope they get it back times ten. Then ten more again for being so damn heartless.

I may not have my parents respect because of my mistake of going to college, but they get that...perhaps, my brother will be better off BECAUSE he isn't 150k in debt. Just 35k or so.