Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quick News: Students Turn to Food Stamps So They Can Afford to Eat

Edububble found an interesting headline about students who are now turning to food stamps to eat. Why are they doing this? Well . . . it seems the cost of tuition, which has been spinning out of control for quite some time now, is making it harder for them to afford basics, like food.

Read the story here.

(Note: I appreciate Edububble's work, but they promote neoliberal thinkers far too much).



Katherine said...

Oh do I remember those student days of food stamps and food pantries.

Anonymous said...

I thought you couldn't get food stamps if you're a student. I tried to get some and the fact that I was a full time student disqualified me. So...more student loans.

Cryn Johannsen said...

@Anonymous 9:57 AM - thanks for your comment. As this article I reference indicates, students are turning to food stamps. Perhaps it would be worth exploring? It never hurts to research. If you have any luck, let us know. You can also feel free to email me - ccrynjohannsen AT gmail DOT com.

I hate to think you are taking out more loans.

Good luck.