Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Public Statement

It has come to my attention that Robert Applebaum has been saying negative things about me. We worked together and parted ways 2 years ago. Although he writes ill of me, I wish him success. No more of my life will I give to this subject.

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Anonymous said...

I might sound negative, but maybe the best we can hope for is that our blogs will warn people away from Student Loan financial disaster, and the crushing of the Human Spirit.

It is not about "Justice" as Collinge says, for justice is blind.

It is not about: "Forgiveness" as Applebaum says, for forgiveness presupposes that one has done something wrong.

Cryn: our generation is well nigh ruined and might have to go down in flames, but the future generations can weild the most power over this human rights mess, and simply steer around the whole problem and avoid USA Student Loans, and USA Higher Ed. and seek Higher Ed. knowledge overseas perhaps, or become autodidactic/self-taught, and avoid the Horror that flows in the wake of USA Student Lending blatant usury.

If Law School Enrollments and even undergrade College or University enrollments dropped off subtstantially, the price for a Higher Ed in The US would be forced down I think.

Just an idea.

One more idea in the naked city.

How can much more of this Social Travesty live on?

If we can successfully warn people, that is.