Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[UPDATE] Occupy Los Angeles Under Threat!

There are some disturbing rumors about the National Guard coming to help the police evict Occupy L.A. When I get confirmation on that, I'll let everyone know. If you are in the LA area get down to there ASAP and help out the occupiers. If you are heading down there and have contacts on, take them off. Chemical weapons can hurt your eyes severely if you have contacts on.

Here's the livestream.

[UPDATE] Hundreds and hundreds of police are on their way to Occupy LA - at least those are official reports. One protester expressed a great deal of concern about the safety of the protesters, but said he was willing to get arrested. There is no confirmation that the National Guard is on the way - if I do receive confirmation, I will, as I said, let everyone know. Follow the following handles for updates: @OccupyLA, OWSLosAngeles, and @occupyfreedomla.

Meanwhile 400 police are on their way to Occupy Philly. Follow @DustinSlaughter on twitter for updates on what is going on there (hashtag is #OccupyPhilly). You can also follow @OccupyPhilly for updates.

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