Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Few Thoughts: Washington DC, David Hunsicker, and NYC

It's been a productive and very busy week in Washington, DC. I'll provide an update on the offices I visited soon. Some of the meetings were great, and others were . . . not so great. I am staying with fellow activist Leni Weisl in Maryland this weekend. She and her husband opened their home to me for much needed rest. On Monday I will be heading to NYC, which will be just as busy. Stay tuned for updates about that trip as well. A special thanks to David Hunsicker for joining me on my meetings this week. Hunsicker is a fantastic person, and deeply concerned about the student lending crisis. He is the type of person I want in Congress. If he wins in the Democratic primary, he will be up against Eric Cantor. Cantor isn't doing so well in the polls, and he knows it. In fact, Cantor has invited CBS to come to his home for Thanksgiving. That speaks volumes! Hunsicker has a great shot, and if he wins, I'll be heading to DC as well. Incidentally, I just got off the phone with David and he told me, "start packing your suitcase, because we're going to win." That's what I like to hear!

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Finally, if you're an occupier or want to support occupied groups across the country, please check out the Mayors List that Barbara Ehrenreich and I, along with several other hard-working folks, created. This list enables you to use social media as a political tool. When bad things start happening on the ground, this list can be used to call mayors and tell them to back off and make them aware that the world is watching.


Nando said...

I am skeptical as always, but you are doing one hell of a job, Cryn. I hope your guy wins.

Anonymous said...

I second Nando @2:25PM

Frank the Underemployed Professional said...

Good luck, Cryn. I hope Hunsicker displaces that traitorous douchbag Cantor. It sounds like there might also be a job in it for you; that would be great.