Saturday, October 22, 2011

#OWS: The Mayors List

Before I headed up to Tulsa, Oklahoma last weekend to meet occupiers there, I had a long conversation with author and activist Barbara Ehrenreich about ways in which we could help out. Barbara had a splendid idea, after I mentioned the arrests in various cities the night before.

"Let's put together a mayors list, a list of all their contact numbers," she said.

So we got to work. Barbara forwarded me a list of all the current occupied cities, and three of us (my husband, Barbara's sister, and I) got to work. The job was tedious, and a lot of mayors' websites look like they haven't been updated since 1999, but it's done! We also got extra help from a hard worker at the Institute for Policy Studies. A special shout out to Chris at IPS! 

So, if you're an occupier or a supporter of OWS, check out this extensive list - we'll keep updating it, as more cities join. The list has pertinent contact information, so that when threats are made to occupiers, we can ALL get in touch with city officials and ensure the protesters' constitutional rights are protected. 

Here's the excel file. Please disseminate to occupiers.

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Anonymous said...

Good work!!!!!

One suggestion for your blog. Can you not link to fifty of your own prior posts at the bottom of each new post? Most people who are interested know that there is more related stuff directly beneath and they want to scroll straight down to it. I understand linking to 'hard to find' posts from way back, but linking to the stuff you did yesterday and the day before and the day before that makes it hard to find the actual writing in your blog. Just a suggestion!