Wednesday, October 5, 2011

[UPDATED] Latest: Cops Beating Protesters at Occupy Wall Street Protest

The clip below is ugly and deplorable. That is why we have to remember that these people - those who are protesting - are our heroes. They are us. They are the 99%. They are jobless. They are smart. They are educated. They are indebted. They deserve a better future. They will get another future, because their numbers continue to increase.  We will carve out a better future. The protesters are already showing us ways to do that. This is more than a movement - this is a paradigm shift back to democratic principles. It demonstrates that an oligarchy can't succeed in replacing a democratic society. It is failing. We are witnessing that now.

My friend and I spoke about these unfolding events earlier this evening, and he said, "we need to get back to where our grandparents were - that should be the message. Once we get back to that, then we can start building again. Building for a better future." That's exactly what we're doing, and that means - from my activist's corner -we need to outline a strong, bold platform, one that radically restructures higher education. We have to protect future generations from being defrauded like we were. That is why we also need a radical plan for current debtors. We need a debt jubilee, because fraudsters like Sallie Mae and Nelnet and other loan shark twits should not be making money as usurers. We need to close down these shops NOW. The politicians, even those sympathetic, need to open their ears to this message. The problem ain't going away. It's getting worse, and now we're heading to the streets. The occupy movement allows the indentured educated class a powerful and large platform to call for loan forgiveness. The folks out of NYC have already made that one of their demands.

I will be heading out soon to several cities, and look forward to interviewing people and talking about the student lending crisis. 

This evening turned ugly in lower Manhattan, and the evil deeds of frightened men (the police) are being disseminated via social media (pssst! Post this to your Facebook pages. Tweet this piece. Share! Share! Share! Do this on behalf of the 99%. Do this for YOU).

Even worse, there are reports that a 9-year-old was pepper sprayed. There are already confirmed reports that protesters were maced and beaten with batons. The number of arrests at this writing is at 8. I presume the number will rise.

Then you have THIS. THIS. Look at the batons. Look at how these frightened men are beating the wrong people.

Look at THIS behavior. Those who are beating the protesters are also part of the 99%. But the NYPD was recently bought by JP Morgan for a cool $4.6 million. Uh, it doesn't get much more authoritarian than that!

But these police officers are angry, like the dumb, sad bullies who come to this site and other sites. Many of them, bless their hearts, are shut-ins and have no idea how to be healthy. So instead of understanding true unity, they lash out at people who are JUST LIKE THEM.




Anonymous said...

Forgiving student loan debt does not seem fair to those of us who went to only two year schools or avoided college entirely because we knew the debt would be great. A better solution would be an interest freeze, and penalty roll back on distressed student loans.

John said...

Now on the top video, you can see that this crowd of the 47% that do not pay taxes is attempting to break-through the line.

You got to admit that the situation is clearly out of control, and that these people had to be stopped.