Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fox At Their Most Pathetic: Nazis Support Occupy!

Here's a reason why education is critical. It helps you weed out the bullshit and understand how propaganda works. It helps you understand why and how and when institutions or people appeal to your emotions - most importantly your fears - in order to confuse you about issues and so forth.

Understanding this clip as a piece of propagandistic trash is a prime example of why education matters. Look at this garbage! Fox Nazis are now claiming Nazi Nazis support the occupy movement. Puhleez.

Here's the clip (original source: Todd Gregory, "The Latest Desperate Smear Of Occupy Wall Street Protests: The Nazis Like Them," Media Matters):

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Tom de Plume said...

The American Nazi Party, Communist Party USA, Iranian mullahs, and the government of the People's Republic of North Korea all support the Fleabag movement. I'm sure if NAMBLA sees any young boys in the crowds, they'll get on board too.

But that's what happens when your people denounce the "Jew bankers" like you do.