Monday, August 29, 2011

What Superb Spin!!! University of Nebraska Students FINE with Tuition Increase

Haha. Sorry. Haha. Excuse me. Hahaha. Crap. I can't help it. Bahahahahahahaha. This article has me in stitches!!! Apparently, students at the University of Nebraska are fine with the upcoming tuition increase. Don't you love this spin?!? Who's running the articles out of this newspaper? It seems the editor(s) have made it clear that there will be nothing negative to be said about the hallowed Uni of Nebraska, even when it comes to increases in tuition.

But luckily the story was "balanced." After the journalist interviewed students who didn't mind the increase of tuition, which will sink them further into debt upon graduating, they quoted a student who disagreed.

He said, "I'm glad I'm a senior." That quote was slapped on at the bottom of the newspaper article, and as journalists all know, basically nobody reads the last few lines of a piece. So! There you have it! Everybody is fine with tuition increases at the University of Nebraska. Keep up the great work! What a hard-hitting article.


warwick555 said...

I hope people are learning not to trust the mainstream media, which is so obviously for sale. In an atmosphere of unbridled greed and corruption, every source of information needs to be thoroughly scrutinized.

One Who Survived said...

"He didn't want to nail my head to the floor! I had to insist!"

ff to 5:00 (Monty Python's "Piranha Brothers"):

Strelnikov said...

Cryn, most of these people still believe in the Big Lie, that there are jobs, and cash, and their lives will be ALL RIGHT when the 4 years of student loan stupidity end and the grinding begin....these deluded mofos will be in Australia before too long.