Wednesday, June 8, 2011

UPDATE: Department's Response (via Twitter) To SWAT Team Bustin' Down Man's Door

Earlier this morning I learned about a news story from Stockton, CA. A man, who's wife defaulted on her student loans, claimed that the Dept. of Education was involved in calling in a SWAT team to kick down his door and holding him against his will for 6 hours in a police car. There were three children under his care at the time and they were traumatized by the incident. The Inspector General at the Dept. of Education confirmed that they were involved, but they couldn't answer questions with an ongoing investigation of this nature. 

About 10 minutes ago, the Education Press Secretary tweeted the following: False story circulating suggesting that the Department of Education raided a Sacramento man's home because his wife was late paying loans.

Meanwhile the story has been taken down is apparently being updated. Stay tuned . . .

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