Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thomas Cooley Law School - What Are They Hiding?

If you recently attended and graduated from Thomas Cooley Law School, please send me an email (ccrynjohannsen AT gmail DOT com).

A little bird sent me some claims about Cooley recently, and James Thelen, the Associate Dean for Legal Affairs and Counsel, sent me a threatening letter. He gave me permission to publish his letter, and after speaking with my counsel, I did so (links are provided below).

They have some things up their sleeve, and those tidbits aren't the lovely things I have held up my own, puffy sleeves (that's because I'm not defending a questionable institution, but instead fighting on behalf of the indentured educated class).

Let's continue to investigate . . .

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Anonymous said...

If you have Title IV violation information, then post it instead of keeping it up your puffy sleeves. If not, then this is nothing more than a fishing expedition.

Cryn Johannsen said...

You clearly get how easy it is to investigate these sorts of things, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Politics is the Art of the Practical.

Anonymous said...

There isn't any evidence that Cooley is "hiding" anything. Cooley's reputation among law schools is obvious. The demand for legal education is so strong that even Cooley turns applicants away. People who choose to attend are all college graduates doing so at their own risk. Do these educated adults really need a "movement" of bloggers to protect them from themselves?

It seems like a colossal waste of time, but it is your time so feel free to educate prospective lawyers about the inherent risks of law school and the job market. I guess it can't hurt, but it seems unlikely to help much...most law students believe they will succeed as lawyers. Some will be proven right and some will be proven wrong.

Cryn Johannsen said...

@Anonymous 7:55 PM - a waste of time? Hardly. But thanks for sharing your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Where do I begin?

I started at Cooley in Sept of 2005. Our class was huge. I believe there were over a thousand 1L's. By the time I graduated in Sept of 2008, 75% of my classmates were gone. With so much at stake, I'm shocked that no one has ever gone postal on the faculty.

I did pass the bar, but I've never found a legal job. When I do get an interview, at least half the interviewers ask why I chose Cooley.

The quality of teaching is often subpar. Lots of part-timers. Exams sometimes poorly written with no clear answer. Civ Pro exams and faculty probably the worst.

Imagine being $100K+ in debt (and mounting) with absolutely no job prospects. I'd love to see the ABA yank Cooley's accreditation. They'd be doing so many people a huge favor.

Hopefully, after 2012, things will improve.