Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Donate To AEM And Get A Sticker With Our New Logo By Paul Ramirez!

Donate to AEM and receive a sticker with our logo that was designed by graphic artist Paul Ramirez. You have a choice of two colors: orange or black.

Please indicate the color that you would like on either your check or on your PayPal order. Please don't forget! I'd hate to send you the wrong color.

Thanks so much again for your continued support. Your generous donations keep AEM alive, strong, and growing.

UPDATE: I have matched the first donor's $10. Will you do the same? 

1 comment:

Jerry Ashton said...

Truly a brilliant Logo. Please ask Paul Ramirez to get in touch with me, Cryn. Either at my email which you can provide, or on LinkedIn. TX, jerry ashton