Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poll: Would you be more likely to donate for a website or online advertising?

I recently had an outstanding and productive conversation with my Board Members. We obviously discussed a number of ways to raise funds for AEM, Inc., so that the organization can be more effective in raising public awareness about the student lending crisis and carry out more lobbying efforts in D.C. (I was there a few weeks ago, and it went very well, but our presence is desperately needed there, and on a full-time basis).

That said, if we were to carry out a "Fast Cash Fund Raising Campaign," would you be more likely to donate to (a) a website for AEM or (b) online advertising about our non-profit and the student lending crisis? Why or why not?

Thanks for your sharing your opinion!

 What would The Dude do? Would he write a check for a website or online advertising?


Rhonda K. Donaldson said...

I would rather give to the website for all the wonderful work instead of an advert. Hate advertisements. Speaking of giving...

Cryn Johannsen said...

Thanks for the feedback, Rhonda. So, you think advertising in the future would be a bad idea? Also, we appreciate your donation!