Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sordid Relationships And Broken Promises: Kaplan University's Troubling Financial Relationship To The Washington Post

This forthcoming piece is going to be a good one. I just submitted it to the HuffPost, and it should be up in a few days. My goal is to circulate this article as much as possible, because it shows just how rotten these for-profits are.

For-profits remind me of funnel web spiders, and both can be quite aggressive when provoked. While the spiders kill their prey, the for-profits like to lure in their victims with bullshit promises and then destroy their lives. If you talk to even a handful of students who've  been caught in their webs, they might as well be considered dead. One thing is for sure, their souls have been wrecked.

Here's the most shocking correlation between for-profits and funnel web spiders: I despise both of them! I know, you're surprised by that, aren't you? 

Stay tuned for the actual piece, and help me spread the word about these predatory institutions.


EvrenSeven said...

There's a commercial for University of Phoenix that shows the graduation ceremony, and at the end fireworks go off from the stage. They might as well have a wrestling event during the thing too.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could fast forward 50 or 100 years to a better day hopefully , and look on today's problems with a much more informed and critical eye.

And say: "Aren't we all so much better and smarter than the people that came before us!"

But realistically, are any of us in the entire world today any more informed and smarter or learned than any of the other generations that have lived before us?

I say that because the Human Race keeps repeating the same mistakes. Mankind's inhumanity to Man. Over and over and over.

There is so much cruel Economic stuff going on today. So many problems that seem to have no solution, as it was in History, and as it ever shall be, Amen.

Only Time can wash away the soul destroying problems of one generation, and replace them with the equally soul and life destroying problems of another.

One such problem being extremely one sided Faith-Based Student Loans, between an all powerful and questionable US Government, and it's individual Citizens.

These Loans as I say were based on Faith, and in more recent human History, this type of loan is not original. It has been known to exist in the form of Tenant Farming, and/or the Company Store.

In the form of Indentured Servitude in Midievil Days.

A Loan Against the Faith of the Human Soul. Faith in the belief of a Country, Nation, Religion, Life itself, and Honesty. And, most importantly, Education. And the future.

But the Future has let all of us down, and the Past has proved to be a very hard taskmaster, and will be so until the Grave. Several generations of debtors will never be able to escape their past student debt.

To repeat, the benefit of the Student Loan Bargain, for so many trusting and Faithful citizens,has been in favor of the Student Lending Banks--the most brutal and cunning, deceitful and despotic form of treachery ever inflictied on the single citizen by any banking institution in the History of the World.

The term "Student Loan" is synonymous with nothing less than outright Evil!

And so, to return to where I started: I view Human History as a series of terible events that keep happening over and over. With peace as the aberration. With suffering as the norm for most.