Monday, November 29, 2010

Research On Suicide: More Testimonials Needed

I am researching student loan debt and a debtor's suicidal thoughts. A few people have offered to share testimonials about their thoughts on suicide with me. However, I would like to gather more stories. I realize that it's not easy to discuss, but your stories are what makes the student lending crisis matter. Collectively, we are creating public discourse from the perspective of the debtor, and that's critical.

I urge you to share your story with me (ccrynjohannsen AT


Anonymous said...

It's too early to contemplate debtor's suicide for a couple of reasons. First, the status quo (i.e., the economy, the methods of financing the education system, etc.) is unsustainable. Major change will inevitably result. Let's hope it doesn't take a devastating event like WWIII.

Second, life insurance policies typically have a two year waiting period for suicides. If you're going to check out, why not take out a policy, wait two years, and help out your family?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Life Insurance:

I am 45 years old, and thinking of getting a policy for a couple of reasons:

1. I am deeply indebted with Student Loans and poor, and have no money for a burial. Nor does my family.

2. It might help out my surviving relatives financially.

I have let my entire family down because I was supposedly going to be an educated bread-winner, and now I cannot even find menial employment because of my destroyed credit.

Destroyed because of the Student Loans.

The only reservation I have about Life Insurance is a fear that the Student Loan collectors will claim the payout. All of it, and neave nothing for my family or the funeral.

And don't anybody tell me that the Student Loan industry can't sweep all the laws aside at their whim, and even start seizing people's homes and all their assets pretty soon, in the same way they crashed through all the bankruptcy protections.

And Suicidal thoughts? That goes without saying.
Like John Nash said in the movie: "A Beautiful Mind" the suicidal thoughts are like an appetite of the mind that one has to choose not to indulge in.

Suicidal thoughts stem from despair and fear.
How fearful I have become of the US GOvernment, which sanctions the student lending system, with no end in sight.
And I pray to God that end will not be a WWIII as stated above.