Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All Education Matters Is Making A Difference

Nov.3rd 2010. The day has finally come. Sigh. While I know we're glad the election cycle is over, I'd imagine that a lot of my readers are feeling the same way I do today, and are experiencing the post-election blues. So that means I need to brighten our days with some good news.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. The Department of Education is fully aware of Education Matters. A reader, who is an amazing volunteer, recently wrote to me about this fact. He's been on a few phone calls with the Department of Education. He asked me if I could relay any information to them. I said, "yeah, ask them why they haven't bothered reaching out to me." Ms. Wiley seems to have trouble fitting me into her date book, and that's been quite frustrated. She claims that the 13-hour time difference makes it too difficult to speak to me over the phone. I'd say that's a lame excuse. So what did the reader have to say? It's good news on many fronts.

He wrote:

"I spoke with Mr. Turpenoff and Ms. McFadden earlier today. They basically told me that they couldn't do anything for my situation because my big issue is with private loans (although they told me about some options with the govt. loans that I have). They talked to me about the consumer protection division that was created with the health care bill and told me that they are very familiar with the work that you have done. They stated that they have forwarded all of the complaints and concerns to Arne Duncan, but that is all that they can do. They stated that they do know that it is known by Mr. Duncan and the President that the student loan crisis is a big problem, but they don't know what is being done to fix it [my emphasis].

I asked Michael and Ms. McFadden why Wiley had not contacted you and that you sent a new email yesterday. Ms. McFadden stated that she was under the impression that Ms. Wiley and you have been talking. I sent you Michael's direct number in a separate email. He told me that if I ever needed anything to call them back."

I will be getting in touch with Mr. Turpenoff shortly. In the meantime, I will be writing another letter to Debra Wiley, and asking her - once again - why she has failed to respond to my emails and connect with me by phone. In addition, I am drafting a letter to Roberto Rodriguez about the heavy losses the Dems endured yesterday, and also tell him that it's time we had a serious talk about solving the student lending crisis.

I am quite under the weather - I've caught a terrible flu bug of sorts - so bear with me if you don't hear news in the next day or so. Nevertheless, stay tuned. The work continues.

 Hey! Mr. Rodriguez, we've spoken on the phone before. I'm still here, and hope you can still hear me inside the White House.


Nando said...

With Boehner in charge of the lower house, I wouldn't expect much meaningful higher education reform.

Cryn Johannsen said...

That may be true, Nando. No one can say for sure. I do know that the Dems didn't lose the Senate, and Obama is still in the White House (of course, he may be impeached . .. we'll see). So, I haven't given up hope entirely. If I ever do, then I might as well throw in the towel, and I can't imagine doing that!

Anonymous said...

Impeachment never crossed my mind. For what?

But still, two years brings with it a lot of changes.

My guess is that a stalemate will exist until 2012.

Anonymous said...

You guys are over dramatic. Stop buying the party marketing. It really does show a lack of sophistication.

Anonymous said...

Cryn , our only hope is to form a student loan coalition reform bill. Do you know any political attorney's that might do some pro bono work.
This article is very new and informative on just how Ms Sallie Mae is still snaking around.

Cryn Johannsen said...

@Anonymous 7:51PM What shows a lack of sophistication? How are we being overly dramatic?