Friday, October 29, 2010

Strayer University Beats Estimates: Because They Care

Yeah, they are doing well, because they CARE. These bastards should be shut down, just like the tobacco industry was. That's my goal.

2012, Poster Will Read: React Against Corporate Higher Education!


Anonymous said...

I'm now way past believing that an education will help anyone in the US.

So I ask myself: What is a new grad from High Scholl supposed to do with his or her life now?

Certainly not sell themselves out to a bank that will rip them off, and borrow money for a completely worthless higher education.

So then what else to do?

Just join the workforce I guess. But that is sunlight and life!

Better than the very dark and soul destroying alternative of Student Loans, and all of the Horrors that follow for a lifetime.

Never, Never, Never, Never, take out a Student Loan. For the love of God, if there is a God, never do it!

If my worthless and destroyed life can serve any purpose other than to send out this warning..........

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am pretty much over the mystique of higher education. If I had to do it over again I would have tried to get a government job with no education requirements and a pension.

Cryn Johannsen said...

Thank you both for sharing. Your regrets about going to school are exactly why the system must be radically restructured. The fact that higher education has been corporatized is the problem. If the U.S. has any hope of maintaining its power as a global leader, the way in which we finances higher education needs to be changed dramatically. That is why we recently created All Education Matters, Inc. It is a non-profit that fights on behalf of student loan debtors.

Nando said...

Strayer "University" is simply another DIPLOMA MILL that has dotted the American landscape in the past few decades. People are desperate to increase their "marketability."

Furthermore, the national dogma for the last 35-40 years has been: "Higher education is the KEY to your future success." We have been inundated with this message since infancy - by teachers, parents, friends, economists and political "leaders." (Also notice the timing of this new and fervent religion, i.e. around the same time that the nation's manufacturers started closing up shop here to relocate to third world nations.)

The fact that so many followed this advice and now live with feelings of worthlessness, misery, anxiety, angst, depression and thoughts of suicide SHOWS CONCLUSIVELY that something is terrib;y wrong with this system. Furthermore, this is having an impact on people's ability to purchase homes, get married or start a family.

In the end, education has become another commodity - and the pigs at the top are squealing with joy. Why not? They are making fat cash hoof over snout off this scheme.

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Cryn:

Do they celebrate Halloween in Seoul?

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Cryn Johannsen said...

JDpainterguy, no, they don't really celebrate Halloween here. I mean, expats do, but Koreans don't. I did check out your post for your Halloween Card. Thanks for sharing.