Thursday, September 2, 2010

Michel Martin's Tell Me More - Interview Being Set!

[Note: If you have not donated yet to the "Enough is Enough" campaign, please chip in $5-$10 today! I have sent off my forms to create a bank account for Education Matters. Once that is in place, I will be filling out the forms to turn us into a 501(c)(4)]. 

Michel Martin, the host of NPR's Tell Me More, wants to have me on a panel to discuss the darker side of student loan debt. With the testimonials that you have shared with me and that I have posted here, I am prepared to share the stories of suffering, loss, and grief that define the everyday life experiences of the indentured educated class. I have listened to Ms. Martin's show countless times while being stuck in traffic jams on the beltway in D.C. It will be an honor and a privilege to be on her show. Stay tuned for more details.

(Wow. I am tired. I'm longing for D.C. traffic jams. That's wrong! Homesickness begone!)


Rhonda K. Donaldson said...

Excellent - you will be fantastic. Keep us posted!



Anna Schaefer said...

This is great news Cryn.