Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FAIR IS FAIR - Enough Is Enough! Let's start advertising NOW! (DONATE BELOW)

Note to reader: please listen to the video while reading the post. It will enhance your experience and turn you into an indentured educated rebel! 


Call it what you will - cheesy, poorly executed campiness, or whatever - but one thing holds true, at least for me, when it come to the epic film, The Legend of Billy Jean: it roused feelings and the understanding of what is at stake when you make the decision to do the right thing, even if that means losing everything. The best moment was when Billy Jean was in the mansion they'd decided to squat in (they found they weren't alone and a rich, nerdy boy was living there). In the cool, gated mansion, Billy Jean, the classic proletariat bandit, watches the famous 1957 version of Joan of Arc (written by one of my favorites, Graham Greene). The shot juxtaposes Billy's beautiful profile to the grainy black-and-white image of the Saint being tied to a stake and burned alive. Billy is even more determined to fight. Freeing herself from the vulnerable image of a pretty, poor, blonde girl, she takes shears and butchers her hair, and thus becomes the 1980s image of a saintly rebel. 

Billy Jean was a hero to me when I was an angst-ridden kid in the late '80s.

She's inspired me again, and so has a feisty female reader. I'm kicking off a new campaign to raise money within a month to buy advertising space for the indentured educated class. The University of Phoenix and other insidious institutions put out bait for fresh catch every where. We're up against a massive campaign to convince people that pursuing higher education is worth it. But as the indentured educated class we have come to realize that it's a scam. That's why we need to spread the word and do it on search engines. I am asking everyone to donate between $25-$50 to this campaign (or anything you can pitch in). Plus, I urge you to spread the word. Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors. Tell everyone. Even just $5 will help! An advertising banner on a search engine will do wonders for this cause. So please donate today. Don't wait! Every single dime will go towards this banner, and we will see results.

Moreover, this money will help me finally becoming a 501. I need to do it immediately. 

Enough is enough. Fair is Fair!



Anonymous said...

Just made a $100 donation!
Keep on fighting C Cryn!

William Ames said...

I just put my money where my mouth is...wish it could be more!

Cryn Johannsen said...

William - every penny counts! You're awesome. So is @Anonymous. This person is doing amazing things. Wow. I've already earned nearly $200 in a day. Let's keep this on a role. I'm going to install a meter at the top, so people can see what we've earned.