Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Student Loan Finance, Industry Leaders Head to iiBIG's Student Loans D.C. Forum

When I read about these upcoming meetings, it makes me more than a bit frustrated that I am not in D.C. Rest assured, if I were there, I'd be attending this forum incognito. In case you're wondering, I wouldn't be some heckler. However, I am confident I'd learn a great deal about the age-old and incestuous relationship that the DoE has with student lenders. After all, the Dept. did give birth to these destructive and abusive lending children. Did they know how brutal they would become when they grew up, and when the lending cousins came along, realizing how much money was to be made off of 18-year-olds. 

So, State Support Leaders, if you are in the area and have the time, I implore you to attend this Forum. And now I wish I could become a fly and be hanging out on a wall at this event. 

Note to all the lovely indentured educated citizens: I urge you to read the link in its entirety. It sheds a lot of light on how money is to be made off your hard earned degrees. 


 Could I get away with it? Would my disguise work?



Nando said...

Thanks for the link, and for featuring this on your blog, Cryn. The reality is that many ambitious, hard-working young people cannot afford to get married, have children, or buy a home. These are life-changing events. As a result of soul-crushing, non-dischargeable student loan debt, many simply forego these things.

I understand these events are not for everyone. But it is extremely troubling that legions of people who would like these things, simply abandon these goals.

The higher education industrial complex is about as insidious as pretty much any other cartel out there. These "educators" and policymakers instill in our minds that higher education = financial and personal success. But these swine then allow us to drown in debt.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I can get a job at the conference.

Leni Weisl Ellwein said...

I wanted to go, but I was in a play.