Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quick Post: First Editorial on Shared Sacrifice - Please Listen And Spread The Word! We're On The Radio

Thanks again to Shared Sacrifice for asking me to come on board and share my research, writing, and advocacy work on the student lending crisis. I encourage all of you to listen to my first podcast and spread that word. We - the indentured educated class - are on radio now! (Also, Matt Stannard's talk about the Teabaggers is well worth listening to . . . it's after my editorial).

Also, the White House letter writing campaign went exceedingly well. I am grateful to those of you who continue to volunteer and help others - many of you came out to join this second letter writing campaign, and I am greatly appreciative for the high turnout. Moreover, I am thinking of new goals, and hope that you will provide me with feedback and suggestions on how we can raise awareness about this crisis and therefore recruit more people to get involved.


Matt said...

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Cryn.

Cryn Johannsen said...

I'm appreciative that you're willing to post my voice! Thanks.