Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why community matters! Filming and interviewing with Brandon Watts, DM Slaughter, and Peter Duffy

The events of this evening made this final night in my country comforting - I already feel a strong sense of heimweh for the U.S. even though I am still here.

I am writing this post outside of LAX, listening to the roar of planes leaving and arriving. Yet, all of them seem to be heading far and away from here, and to my destination tomorrow (Korea).

I was interviewed by Brandon Watts, DM Slaughter, and Peter Duffy about the student lending crisis this evening - all of them are intellectually engaged filmmakers (and photographers) who want to raise social awareness about this major problem. Over the course of three hours, we discussed the reasons why so many people are part of the indentured educated class. We also talked about strategies to overcome this major crisis.

I am grateful for them taking the time to meet and interview me, and I am confident that we'll meet again.

If you are involved with film and/or photography, I encourage you to explore their sites.

Well, farewell student loan debtors . . . I will be far away geographically, but will continue to do the same work I have done here. It is not without pain that I write that farewell. 

Goodnight and good luck.

God bless this country. Let's hope that we can live better lives here. Oh, the irony of saying that as I prepare to board a plane for Korea for a job that pays.

Bon voyage, Amerika.

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