Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What about the defaulters?

I must admit, I was disappointed by the response I received today after I asked a question about student loan defaulters on the White House conference call with Robert Rodriguez and Mary Ellen McGuire.

Details to follow . . .
The lady is also weary of hearing that the average debt for college is 23k.


Leni Weisl Ellwein said...

Can't wait to hear it, Cryn!

Anonymous said...

Cryn, I would be interested in why you were disapointed. I am a Alumn of Portland State University with a MFA and minor in International Economics. While I paid off the larger portion of my student loan ($45,000)with a second mortgage soon after graduating in 1998. But I have had on an off trouble paying the remaining loans with Salle Mae ($19,000) what with now a second mortgage at almost double my original payment, work, unemployment, under employed at low wages. Even though I was the founder or co-founder of a number of projects and student groups at PSU many now institutions and hallmarks of the university. You would think that their would be more recognization and possible method in forgiving of loans. As a Veteran with PTSD I find I can no longer work for profit employers and now work for a non-profit performing arts organization with wages around $10 an hour. I do lots of volunteer work with Veterans for Peace as a speaker, events organizer, a well as doing a cable access program called Veterans for Peace Forum on the 4th Sat of every month. see link for last program dealing with homeless vet.

Anonymous said...

Brother/Sister Vet,

I think what you are doing for others is great. The country we fought for does not exist anymore. You are doing the best thing possible in my mind.

Because I could not find work, I defaulted and now owe collection companies $1.75 million growing at 24.99% each year. I can never own anything, they will take it.

The Philippines look good--lots of retired ex-miltary and other types of expats there.

Thanks for your service and I wish you the best.


Cryn Johannsen said...

A -

I hope that the country you and others fought for still exists. I think it's a shame that you have defaulted and you fought for the U.S.

Feel free to email me and share your story.

I am putting together a book that includes testimonials from people like you, and I'd like to include something like this in it.

You're more than welcome.

Thank you for your service, A.