Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Would you like to use a credit card to pay off your $86,000 student loan debt?"

That's no joke. A loan manager asked a woman that question. It was in reference to what good ol' First Premier Bank is doing. Over at the Huff Post they inform us they're charging 79.9% on a new credit card. Ain't that dandy? Luckily, there are people on the Hill and elsewhere who cares much about the poors peoples of this country. Thank heavens for that. If we didn't have so many people who cared about the downtrodden in this coutnry, the poorsies may be paying, like, 100% in interest or something. (Oh, wait . . . kinda like they do on their student loan debt. My bad. Tee-hee).

When I first read this headline, I had to do a double-take and then I asked myself, "maybe you clicked on The Onion instead?" Nope. It's for reelz.

And I had to confirm with a reader that the loan manager did indeed ask her if she would like to use a credit card to pay off her 86k. When the debtor said she didn't have the money, here's some other hysterical things the loan manager said:

-"[You're] refusing to ask [your] family for money." (Oh. My. God. That loan manager has a point. She should totally ask her fam for money. Like, gawd).

My personal favorite:

-"You should marry a rich man."  (Like, duh . . . I think that's dang good advice).

 Hey, honey - rich husbands offer more than just toasters!


Anonymous said...

My response was: 1) If my parents had had the money to put me through school, i wouldn't be in debt; 2) my parents are in their 70's, one lives off Social Security to the tune of about 10K a year, after 40 years as an English and History teacher (he never finished his dissertation), the other got so sick of working as a development director in snooty private schools that she's been volunteering in Africa for the last 5 years to the tune of $400 a month. Sure, i'm sure they'd be happy to send me a check. OH, and thanks so much for tacking on that 30K once in default, that will make it so much easier to pay it all back, by credit card.
Nice pic by the way:)

Cryn Johannsen said...

Thanks for sharing. Rich husbands give out great toasters. I recommend you marry one.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I had mountains of debt after law school. (Please check out my latest post of JD Underdog.) I also had no job prospects. Basically I was useless without a law license. I wanted to pay off all my student debt with my American Express card. Those card have no credit limit, but the minimum payment each month is the entire balance. Wouldn't that have been funny to have charged $80,000 to the AMEX? Student loans are not dischargeable but credit card debt is. Technically, I'd have a zero balance with ACS, but I'd be in the red with AMEX. I didn't have the balls to try this move.

Cryn Johannsen said...

Thanks, JD Underdog. It would have been great if you had charged your 80k degree to your AMEX. Ha. Someone made a joke on Facebook about that - they said, "wouldn't it be great to do that and then declare bankruptcy?" Ha. I look forward to reading your blog posts, and will add you to my list of blogs. Are you interested in helping a large group of us organize a major protest in D.C. and across the country? We're working on how to coordinate this properly and get 10,000+ to D.C. to protest student loan debt and other forms of financial corruption, joblessness, and health care . . . I welcome you to add me on Facebook. Many thanks again for sharing.