Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dean of Most Overpriced Law School in US is now head of the Board of Directors for Private Student Loan Financing Company -

Over at Temporary Attorney, they're reporting on some problematic connections - a dean of the most overpriced law school in the U.S. ("who has," Temporary Attorney explains, "jacked up tuition 5x faster than inflation over the last 10 years") is now HEAD OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS for a PRIVATE LOAN FINANCING COMPANY. What on earth is happening in this country? Hmmmm . . .  can you say conflict of interest? Not only that, we have a bunch of senators who've been bought out by Sallie Mae and Nelnet. But dear readers we're getting organized and through collective action we're going to make a difference. Stay tuned - I have recruited smart, energetic volunteers in Nebraska, Kentucky (big problems there - 7000 teachers were screwed and lied to - they were promised student loan debt forgiveness. But whoopsy, it didn't happen), Minnesota etc. Meanwhile, there are some lazy, uniformed peeps "attacking" our efforts. The level of contradictions in this person's post makes me wonder if using that term is even warranted - it seems they may have had too much to drink when writing this convoluted piece.

On top of these able volunteers organizing at a local and state level, we have some bright and creative filmmakers out in L.A. collecting devastating stories and powerful footage highlighting the student lending industry. When I leave the country I will be meeting them (I'm departing from L.A., and my work and activism will certainly not end). 

Speaking of drinks and drunkeness, let's pop some champagne and celebrate the wicked, unregulated, and utterly corrupt student lending industry! Pop! Hooray! We're all part of the indentured educated class  thanks to universities, ridiculous self-serving Deans (like the one mentioned above), bloated administrative campus offices, Sallie Mae, Nelnet, etc.  Drink up, my loves! We're not going to be like this much longer - not if I have anything to say about it. It's time to break these shackles.

Circle of hell where those who created the indentured educated class - Dante was most disturbed when Virgil described their sins.


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Well, said!! Welcome to the Sweatshop Edition!!

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