Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thanks, United Professionals!

Several people who work for United Professionals reached out to me recently and expressed their support for my blog and Robert Applebaum's Forgive Student Loan Debt Movement. This outstanding non-profit organization, founded by Barbara Ehrenreich, is an advocacy group for white collar professionals. (If you're interested in my previous post about them, go here).

They just promoted me on their site, so I wanted to express my humble thanks to them here. If you haven't investigated United Professionals yet, I encourage you to do so.

(A special thanks to Karen Southall Watts and Diane Alexander!)

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Spekkio said...

I loved Mrs. Ehrenreich's first two books. If yinz haven't read them yet (her second, "Bait & Switch," probably is more relevant to college students and graduates) definitely do so. I'm sure your local library has them.